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Individual coaching is a personal relationship between a coach and a client that explores different areas in one's life - finance, health, academics, personal, or professional life. Dr. Val Margarit is now working one-on-one with clients to overcome adversity and resistance and create success and wellness in their personal life, career, and business. Have you been perceived as lacking confidence, timid, quiet or maybe aggressive and confrontational? Do you struggle with getting a job, interviewing for a job or have academic issues? Or do you have fear of public speaking, low self-esteem, and confidence issues? Work with Val to identify your challenges, create and implement a strategy to overcome them and then pursue your life's goals and dreams and create the life you deserve.

The Coaching Process

How It Works
  1. Single Session Coaching $ 85
  2. Pay Monthly $ 450 Per Month
  3. 3 Months $ 1200 (Save $150)
  4. 6 Months $2399 (Save $300)

Need a different plan? No problem - please contact me and we'll create a plan that suits your needs.

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Discovery Call

45 minutes
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Good Choice

1 hour
Personal Success
1:1 coaching sessions
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2 Hours
Professional Success
1:1 coaching sessions
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Coaching Session Information

Single Session Phone/Skype Coaching

Academic, Personal & Professional Development

We will identify ONE current problem (personal, or professional) you need help and use simple steps to move forward and regain courage and confidence. Single sessions are a la carte and you may book it as you needed. Be warned - your life will be changed forever.

Single Session Coaching $ 85

Phone/Skype Coaching: 3 & 6 Months Commitment

Academic, Personal & Professional Development

We are a team for 3 months or 6 months and when we are done you'll no longer be the person you were when you started. You'll be confident and strong and ready to live your life with purpose and intention.


4 x 1-hour coaching sessions (4 per month - 1 per week ) over Skype
1 - 30 minutes a month live Q/A video coaching over Skype
Free email support throughout our coaching partnership
Monthly assignments - setting goals

Pay monthly

$ 450 per month

One-time investment (3 months)

$ 1200 ( save $150)

One-time investment (6 months)

$ 2399 (save $300)

Need a different plan? No problem - please contact me and we'll create a plan that suits your needs.

I encourage scheduling a Discovery call IF YOU ARE READY but need assistance selecting the right service for you.

Become Empowered. Transform Your Life. Get it Done. Make an Impact. Live Your Dreams. Make it Happen

Are you Looking for a Speaker who is ...

Inspirational - Engaging - Charismatic - Passionate - Thoughtful

Val is frequently described as energetic, fun, inspiring and engaging speaker. Her ability to convey complex concepts and make them simple and accessible makes her approachable and easy to understand. She empowers people of all ages and walks of life to overcome any self-limiting beliefs, dream BIG and set realistic goals to achieve personal and professional success.   Whether a seminar, breakout, keynote, Val can customize sessions to fit your audience.